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Expense reduction

An energy manager helps identify energy waste and inefficiencies, enabling households to save on energy consumption costs.


By reducing energy waste, an energy manager contributes to a lower ecological footprint and a more sustainable electricity consumption.


By gaining a better understanding of energy consumption, EVA can optimize processes and enhance the overall performance of your household consumption.


By monitoring energy consumption and performance, households can reduce their costs, aiming for long-term optimization.

Risk management

Managing energy-related risks, such as price fluctuations in the energy market, becomes more efficient with an energy manager who can develop strategies to minimize these risks.


EVA will create a consumption schedule based on your preferences that best suits you. This not only yields financial benefits but also contributes to the environment.

Through the portal, you can access a clear schedule at any time detailing your consumption in full. This provides you with insight into when you consume the most and how EVA has optimized your consumption cost.

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The Belgian energy market operates according to the Day Ahead Trading system. Thanks to this system, consumers can benefit from a dynamic rate. With EVA, you don't have to worry about the times when energy prices are the most expensive or the cheapest.

The system automatically calculates the best times to draw energy from the electricity grid. This way, your batteries are charged only during the cheapest moments, saving you money on energy costs.



At startup, EVA will collect data on your energy consumption for a period of at least three months. Afterward, this will be continuously adjusted so that EVA thoroughly understands your consumption.

Once EVA has gathered enough data, it will automatically operate in the most energy-efficient manner. For example, you may consume the most energy in the morning between 6am and 9am, and in the evening between 6pm and 10pm.

Thanks to dynamic pricing, EVA will automatically switch between energy sources at the right times.


Your installation typically consists of a PV installation, home battery, EV charging point, the electricity grid, and the EVA module. We ensure that everything communicates seamlessly so that EVA can start working with the collected data.